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The Global Leader in Construction Materials Testing Equipment

We offer thousands of scientific instruments for testing, measuring and processing construction material. We work with small, private test labs as well as DOTs, universities, civil engineers, pre-casters, block producers, material producers, construction companies, engineering consultants, the Federal Highway Administration, and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Forney VFD Technology

Forney VFD  Control Systems can be used with all Forney testing machines and can be retrofit to most conventional testing machines.

FORNEY’s Automatic System:

  • carefully controls the test protocol
  • acquires and assimilates testing data
  • allows meaningful user input for additional results
  • and stores, prints, and transmits data via Ethernet or Wi-Fi to network or flash drive storage. Even send it to cloud-based web apps.

Call us for a fuller discussion of how Forney's technology can transform your operation's accuracy and efficiency.

FHS-400 with Separate Console FHS-300 with Integrated VFD Package CA-0397 VFD RetroPack  

Full Range of Testing Protocols


Wi-Fi Data Transmission


No Computer Needed


Real Time Data Acquisition & Storage


Remote Tech Support

Green Energy

Energy Efficient

Machines, Controls and Testing Protocols

Control Systems

FORNEY’s Automatic System carefully controls the test protocol, acquires and assimilates test data, and allows meaningful user input.
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We invented the modern Compression Testing Machine, and our products set the industry standard.
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Our multi-point Flexural Testers may be used with a variety of specimens ranging from very small to very large.
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We manufacture a wide range of Tension Testing and Universal Machines designed to analyze many kinds of specimens.
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The FORNEY engineering team has developed Specialty Testing Equipment that can be adapted to each customer’s particular needs.
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