Air Meter / Press-Aire Meter

Air Meters keep your concrete pouring.

The FORNEY Press-Aire Meter (Air Meter) measures entrained air in fresh mix concrete by observing the volume change resulting from the application of pressure. The Press-Aire Meter is the classic Type B, now virtually the only one used -- although FORNEY sells all types.

The new-style case stores the top and bottom portions of the air meter separately. It has integral handles for easy handling.The blaze-orange color helps you locate the meter quickly from a distance.

The Press-AireMeter Kit contains everything needed for determining entrained air content and for calibrating the unit: syringe, tamping rod, strike-off bar, calibration vessel, inside and outside tubes, and, of course, instructions and sturdy orange carrying case. Weight: 32 lb (14.5 kg)

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Air and Roller Meters

  • $109  (plus parts)
  • Calibrate gauge
  • Sandblasting
  • Replace worn parts

 Test Hammers 

  • $60  (plus parts)
  • Calibrate
  • Clean and lubricate
  • Replace worn parts

Testing Machines

  • Rebuild Pump and valve
  • Regrind Platen
  • Digital Upgrades
  • Calibration

Moisture Testers

  • Calibrate gauge

Forney offers repair services in its factory warehouses in Hermitage, PA and Denver, CO

We'll help you through the entire process from start to finish.  Do you need an estimate? No problem.

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