Forney Control Systems

Featuring our powerful VFD technology — testing isn't finished until the data is in your customer's hands!

(Specifications subject to change without notice.)

Click the image to walk through the simple process of retrofitting a VFD drive and control package to your old manual machine.

    Click the image for a tutorial illustrating how the interface software works.


Don't be fooled - most so called automatic machines require an intermediate computer to download and manipulate data before you can use it. That takes time, computer skills and data management controls that most labs aren't prepared for.

The Forney VFD Series:

    • Controls testing according to protocol
    • Assimilates test data
    • Allows meaningful additional user input including actual specimen dimensions, weight, density, break type and more
    • Stores and transmits data for individual tests and shift summaries to USB or WiFi printers, USB flash drives, or network
    • Can automatically generate PDF test reports, archive, or even publish to cloud storage.
    • Can interface with cloud based web databases for test set up, and stakeholder access according to security protocol.
    • Can be equipped with bar code, or RFID reader to automate test setup according to specimen data (sample date, size, material, etc)

Check out the 10 inch, color touchscreen interface.